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 Home Remodeling, & Restoration Services

Your home is your largest investment and maintaining it is important to its longevity and value.

Home remodeling and room additions can add value to your home and give your family some much needed space. Finding a remodeling company that you can trust is the key to a successful home remodel. Any remodeling or second story addition requires an experienced remodeling contractor that will go the extra mile. At Bartlett Builders of Hopkinton, NH - we know the importance of quality workmanship.

A second story room addition shouldn't look like an after-thought. Our fire and flood restoration services will get your home back to the way it was previously, like nothing ever happened.

Along with our quality home restoration and remodeling services, we also provide free preliminary bid drawings on roof elevations and floor plans and have a 24 hour answering service for your convenience.

 Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom involves more details and planning than any other room of your home. Our planning and design work is precise, with wall and cabinetry measurements to the quarter inch, and esthetically perfected in any style that you like.

Smaller or unusually-shaped kitchens and baths may require customizations to make the best use of your available space. Large, luxury kitchens also require the most careful designing to make them as functional and esthetically rewarding as possible. A thorough knowledge of materials and their applications, coupled with skilled installation techniques, is essential to carry out a fine design and assure the durability that you deserve in your renovation.

It is our policy to provide every client with extensive guidance and design services. We prefer to spend as much time up front as needed to assure you the highest level result.

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